Feb 222010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board,

In a victory for sensibility and free speech, Colorado’s highest court struck down the voter amendment Tuesday that barred political contributions from unions and some government contractors.

The state supreme court voted 4-1, determining that Amendment 54 was an unconstitutional abridgment of free speech rights because it too broadly restricted no-bid state contractors, their families and others connected to contractors.

The court took specific issue with the amendment on several fronts:

  • including labor unions as no-bid contractors,
  • prohibiting a contract holder doing business with any government –– even a local one –– from donating to any candidate in the state, and
  • barring contract holders and their families for donating for two years following a no-bid contract.

Amendment 54 was yet another example of what happens when voters are allowed to run amok. Direct democracy initiatives have been nothing but trouble for Colorado, and this was no exception.

Voters hamstrung the democratic process by restricting the free exercise of political speech with absurd constraints.
Thank God someone in the government has the sense to protect Colorado voters from themselves.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for that Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights fight looming around the corner.

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