Feb 172010
Authors: Ian Mahan

After the reunion of Blink-182, many thought Tom DeLonge’s brainchild, Angels and Airwaves, would be no more. But on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, DeLonge showed just how much he loves his fans.

Angels & Airwaves released its third studio album, “Love,” in a somewhat Radiohead like fashion: through the Internet, with not much publicity and free of charge. In fact, if fans wanted, they could donate any amount and receive a bonus track to the album.

However, just because the album could be obtained free of any monetary value, doesn’t mean it is not worth checking out.

From the first track, listeners will be able to tell that the album is extremely well produced with a nearly three-minute-long orchestration of synthesizers, piano and guitar building up to the second track, “The Flight of Apollo.”

“Hallucinations,” one of the more notable tracks, continues with the masterful production heard throughout the album. The song has a whirling extra-terrestrial sounds and slowly transitions into the power chord pop-punk that brought Blink-182 fame. It is a combination of everything the genre used to be, and everywhere it is going.

“Soul Survivor (Ö2012)” will hit a good note with Blink fans, as it is reminiscent of their song “I Miss You,” with just a bit more punch behind the guitar orchestration. And, of course, it’s not short of synthesizers layering on the track.

Regardless of how close Angles and Airwaves is to being the next Blink-182 rip-off, and DeLonge has every right to be that, there is something almost soothing about “Love.”

The album for the most part is filled with clever melodies and song construction that, if DeLonge had thought of earlier, could have prevented the break up of Blink-182.

Either way, the airwaves should be blessed with these angels for quite sometime.

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