Feb 162010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

CSU President Tony Frank announced in an e-mail to the campus community early Tuesday morning that he has chosen long-time colleague Rick Miranda to serve as the university’s second in command: provost.

Miranda, former interim-provost and executive vice president, ascended to the temporary position in November 2008 when former President Larry Penley resigned from his post and Frank vacated the position of provost to take the helm.
Miranda said he’s known about the appointment since last weekend and has been in and out of phone meetings with Frank.

A committee, formed early last semester to conduct a nationwide job search, selected Miranda as well as two other candidates to interview for the position and meet with both CSU administration and student body leaders.

Valerie Hardcastle, a dean at the University of Cincinnati, and Robert Sternberg, a dean at Tufts University in Massachusetts, were both described as “highly qualified” in Frank’s e-mail.

“I can’t say it came as a complete shock,” Miranda said, citing his one-in-three chance of getting the job. “I can say I was pretty pleased.”

As provost, Miranda will oversee all the university’s core academic initiatives, sit as a non-voting member on Faculty Council, serve on Frank’s cabinet and chair the Council of Deans on which he once sat.

After the finalists completed the on-campus interviews, the search committee drew up a list of pros and cons of each candidate and presented the information to Frank, who then had the final word on who would get the job.

The provost position cannot be a “single-pitch pitcher,” Frank said in the e-mail, explaining that the provost must be well versed in all areas of the university, including standing up to decisions he doesn’t agree with.

“The provost has to be able come into the president’s office and say, ‘You’ve asked me to give you my best advice, and here it is: You’re about to do the wrong thing,’” Frank said.

There are a few tasks Miranda deemed “high on the list” of things he plans to get done throughout the spring semester, but said one of the main orders is to finalize the university’s fiscal year 2011 budget.

Miranda understands the current state of higher education in Colorado and the budget crisis at the university level, Frank said.

“He’s the pitcher I need in the game right now,” Frank said.

Launching further investments in student success and hiring a good fit for the university’s newly created vice president of diversity position are also on his to-do list.

Miranda came to CSU in 1982 and has spent the past 20 years as a part of the CSU community –– some of which were spent as the dean of Natural Sciences.

The announcement of his appointment, Miranda said, came with no celebratory measures as he spent most of his day in meetings.

“I had a banana and a granola bar in my office,” he said.

Senior Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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