We’re not gonna take it

Feb 162010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Alright CSU, you’ve been hearing about this “higher education crisis” for some time now. And you may have thought, “So what? What would I be able to do about it anyway?”

Well, here is your chance to do something. The Associated Students of CSU are hosting a Higher Education Rally at noon today on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

Other than CSU, 13 other colleges across the state, including CU-Boulder, the University of Northern Colorado, Mesa State College, CU-Denver and Metro State College, will be holding rallies on their campuses today as well.

With the state’s general fund for higher education being cut $377 million for the next fiscal year, colleges are being forced to raise tuition and fees, a move that some feel could lead to eventual privatization of state institutions.

Although a rally is not going to fix Colorado’s budget, at the very least it will send a powerful message to the state Capitol that we aren’t going to take it.

In the past, rallies have been held Capitol Hill, but this event is unique in that it is giving more people the opportunity to get involved and become educated on the issue.

With rallies taking place all over the state, ASCSU’s goal is to report that 10,000 people rallied for higher education on the same day.

So, if you care about publicly-funded higher education and the future of our university, join your fellow students today on the Plaza and let Colorado know that we mean business.

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