Feb 152010

Last week I posted a story I had heard on the news about A-Basin charging for their “beach” parking. This morning, I gave Kimberly Trembearch, the marketing manager at A-Basin, a call and she gave me the facts. It turns out that the story I saw last week on the news was reported without all the facts, Trembearch said. She said A-Basin has always charged for their beach parking but have made a few changes, which include:

-They now have 9 reservable beach spots, opposed to the 6 they had before.

– The price is now $150 on the weekends instead of $100.

Trembearch said these changes were made because A-Basin is seeing more demand for these spots. She said the reservable spots make it easier for families who want a good spot or want to hang out at the car during the day but can’t get the kiddos up and out the door in time to get a good spot without reserving. When asked if A-Basin is thinking about charging for all their parking any time soon, she said: “That’s just not how we operate. We’re called the legend for a reason. We just want to make sure more people can have that experience.”

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