Feb 152010

The illustrious Senator from Colorado Springs has the floor, and he’s using his time to propose a religious “Bill of Rights” for Colorado’s schools.

We know. We were shocked, too.

Dave Schultheis drafted and introduced Senate Bill 89 Monday, which would give students “the right to express religious beliefs in homework assignments, exchange greeting cards with religious themes and sing religious songs in school-sponsored programs,” the Associated Press reported.

The bill would also give teachers the right to refuse to teach anything that would conflict their own personal beliefs.

Clearly, we think this bill is wrong and probably won’t go anywhere.

But lets take all the heated, philosophical junk and push it off the table. No pro-choice vs. pro-life, no creationism vs. evolution and no abstinence-only vs. sex education.

Let us just focus on the fundamental issue at hand: the separation of church and state.

This bill would open the floodgates. It would bring a lot of issues to the surface that, quite frankly, shouldn’t be there.

Would Muslim students fail classes for rejecting their Christian educator’s teachings? Would science teachers be fired for failing to teach evolution despite a department-wide preset curriculum otherwise?

Look, our Founding Fathers were pretty clever guys. They realized freedom of religion should be interpreted as a separation of church and state.

For those who wish to learn about religious perceptions of history, go for it. There’s this crazy little place called private school.

And for those who can’t afford private schooling, there are these Constitutionally protected meetings at these “places of worship.”
Neither of those places are public school, nor should they be.

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