Feb 142010
Authors: Johnny Hart

The Zombie Apocalypse has returned to CSU.

As of 5 a.m. today, campus has become a war zone of flying Nerf darts, sock “bombs” and bandana-wearing students.

With the first zombie infection this morning, the second installment of the Humans vs. Zombies game kicked off at CSU, setting the stage for the campus-wide week of mayhem and what the student organization’s officers called “fun.”

Essentially a large-scale game of tag, HVZ pits two teams of registered participants against one another: the Horde, or zombies, and the Resistance, or humans.

Humans win by surviving throughout the week without being infected. The Horde wins if they turn all humans into zombies.

However, HvZ at CSU President Sam Lewis said, “The game isn’t about surviving, it’s about having fun.”

Each group is distinguished by a bandana: humans display theirs around the arm, and zombies display theirs around the head.

However, zombies could wear bandanas around the neck or head, which was a source of contention during last semester’s bout.

“We did a bit of tweaking with the rules,” said John Avery, vice president for HVZ at CSU, adding that the group had eliminated bandanas worn around the neck for this round.

Also, the organization made changes to the way they recruited students for this semester’s game.

Avery said though the number of participants for this week’s game is about 550, as opposed to the more than 1000 last semester, the group feels there will be more active players this time around.

“When we looked at the numbers (last semester), we figured about 60 percent of those people that signed up had never actually played,” Avery said.

According to group officials, daily missions help to involve participants with the hopes of leaving humans vulnerable to zombies, but whether the game is successful rides on the participation of those involved.

“It’s the players who are going to make it intense,” Lead Moderator Bonnie Goss told the Collegian last semester.

With more planning time for this game event, both Avery and President of HVZ at CSU Sam Lewis have delegated each day’s activities to different groups, a change from last semester.

“We had pretty much from the end of the last event to last week to get everything finalized,” Avery said. “It all went pretty smoothly.”

The group went under a planed review with university administration after last semester’s game, which Avery said only warranted “positive feedback.”

“(The administration) were more than happy to let us (play) again this semester,” Avery said, which the group plans on doing not only this week but also after spring break.

The next HVZ game will run March 29 through April 2, but the dates for registration are unclear now, Avery said.
For more information, visit http://colostate.hvzsource.com, and check the Collegian daily for updated infection counts throughout the week.

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