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Authors: Kyle Grabowski

Following Tuesday’s game against Air Force, the CSU women’s basketball team received its first lengthy break in nearly a month. The Rams’ next game is at BYU on Wednesday at 7 p.m., which adds up to a seven-day layoff.

In order to give her players some rest, CSU head coach Kristen Holt decided to only practice on four out of the seven days.

Rams players were grateful and appreciative to have the time off.

“We’ve been going for a while now; we’re at mid-season,” sophomore Natalie van Den Adel said. “Having some days off is good to give our bodies some rest.”

The time off is particularly beneficial to a young CSU team that features only two upperclassmen, as the younger players are still adjusting to the length of a college season.

“It kinda gives our bodies a chance to recover a little bit,” freshman guard Meixandra Porter said. “We don’t normally get this much time to recuperate, so we really appreciate it.”

The time off is also advantageous to those in charge of the operation.

“It’s needed for the coaching staff,” Holt said, “It gives us an opportunity to go out recruiting.”

She spent Wednesday and Thursday recruiting and will continue today.

As often is the case of a long layoff, the rest versus rust debate surfaced. Both Holt and her players agreed that it was better to get some rest and give their bodies a chance to recover than worry about feeling rusty in the next game.

“I’m trying to spread it out a little bit so that doesn’t happen,” Holt said. “At this point you probably wanna (favor) on the side of giving them rest as opposed to worrying they’ll get rusty.”

Van den Adel added, “It really gives your body some energy. We need to take care of ourselves, so I think two days of rest will help in a week like this.”

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