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In celebration of Valentine’s Day, this Saturday, CSU’s Biomedical Student Association will break hearts: literally.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 14 members of the BSA will be at the Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center leading heart dissections and educating people on heart health.

In addition to taking blood pressure and giving heart health advice, organizers will help attendees dissect pig hearts.

“It provides people who are bitter about their romantic situation an outlet for their frustration,” said freshman physics major Jake Welton-Kubeczko.

Heartbreaker heart dissections have been a Valentine’s Day tradition for the Discovery Science Center for several years, but this will be the first year the Fort Collins Museum is a part of the celebration since their merger with the Discovery Science Center in 2008.

“Pig hearts are very similar to human hearts,” said the museum’s Curator of Education Treloar Tredennick Bower. “For a lot of people, the best way to learn is by actually seeing, feeling, holding a real heart.”

Each year BSA participates and assists with the hands-on educational experience.

A biological company that provides animal parts to museums and schools that use them for educational purposes, will supply the pig hearts used Saturday.

“It’s really fun to show the most important organ of the body to little kids, especially around Valentine’s Day,” said Samantha Murray, a senior biomedical major and lead BSA officer for the event.

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