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Authors: David Martinez

Despite its budget crisis, CSU increased its enrollment from last year overall, from 23,178 to 23,745, an increase of 557 students, according to the university annual spring enrollment study, which was released Thursday.

The biggest increase was in the number of spring transfer students –– 11 percent, or 59 students –– over last year.

The number of undergraduate students increased from 19,205 last year to 19,653 this year; the number of graduate students increased from 3,456 last year to 3,555 this year.

It also kept the best fall to spring student retention rates in the past five years. Fewer than 1,700 students dropped out or transferred over the winter break, whereas the average is nearly 1,800 students.

The numbers correspond with the significant increase in students from community colleges and out-of-state schools that resulted from the economic downturn, university officials said this week.

Interim Provost Rick Miranda said in an interview Thursday that new tuition revenue from the increase in students will go directly to fund the academic units of the university, which announced earlier this month that they would be cutting drastically from their budgets.

CSU is taking measures to accommodate the increase in the number of transfer students, including the university’s new Transfer Center that opened last year, which provides resources and assistance to transfer students who go through a different adjustment process than incoming freshmen.

“If (enrollment) is increasing at two-year schools, we need to respond to that,” said Rick Miranda, Vice Provost and Executive Vice President.

University officials hope to couple the new data with an annual report from the National Student Clearinghouse later this semester to improve recruitment efforts for the university.

The Clearinghouse data will provide an in-depth breakdown of student demographics, including race and class information.

“Here’s your competition,” said Robin Brown, the vice president for Enrollment and Access. “We can break that down by college, by diverse student or by high ability students.”

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