Feb 112010
Authors: Jim Sojourner

A glitch in CSU’s application system led to the university admissions office accepting a few hundred applications for this spring and the 2010 summer and fall semesters without final student approval.

According to Executive Director of Admissions Jim Rawlins, in response to past problems the office has had with students submitting applications without paying the $50 application fee, this year it implemented a new payment system that requires students to pay the fee before they can submit the final application.

Between 300 and 400 students, he said, paid the fee but, for whatever reason, did not actually submit the completed forms.

After trying to get into contact with students, Rawlins said the office decided to go ahead and accept the applications since the applicants had already completed the forms and paid the fee –– a decision that upset a “handful” of people who had consciously not submitted their forms, intending to add more information later before the final submission.

Rawlins said the office has already received about 14,000 first-year applications –– a number he said is typical for this point in the semester.

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