Feb 102010
Authors: Ian Mahan

The music world has Mickey Avalon, but until now it didn’t have its female equivalent: Ke$ha.

The reign of the wholesome, romantic female pop-presence came to an end when Ke$ha, a 22-year-old pop star from Los Angeles, was let out of her cage.

Her debut album “Animal” is topping charts, she’s shocking the music industry and she’s creating a style all her own.

“Animal” isn’t just an ordinary pop album. It’s filled with hooks and ridiculousness listeners have come to expect from the genre.
It sounds like a night out that is awfully hard to remember in the morning.

The first single from the album, “Tik Tok,” describes one heck of a night out. It’s layered with fun synth riffs and a head banging beat that almost makes the song hard not to be a guilty pleasure.

“Blah Blah Blah” touches on the ridiculousness that Ke$ha provides her listeners, while at the same time showing she doesn’t care what people think about what she sings.

While “Tik Tok” should be the only noteworthy track on her album, “Blah Blah Blah” makes the list largely due to it’s guest performers: Colorado’s own 3Oh!3.

For the most part the album is a weak debut, but it’s not necessarily the content of the songs or the quality of the 14 tracks on the album.

Ke$ha has the attitude to keep doing what she wants to, and that might just be what makes her the queen of the jungle, an animal that could be too hard to tame.

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