Feb 102010
Authors: David Martinez

CSU’s Office of Institutional Research plans to release spring enrollment numbers for this semester as part of an annual report, said university officials who expect the number of transfer students to be higher.

“We have a significant amount of new transfers,” said Paul Thayer, CSU’s vice president of Student Affairs.

Thayer said the trend reflects a larger number of students who have started at community colleges as well as a flood of students returning from out of state in the last few years because of the economic downturn.

“We looked at the data and realized what an important role they play on campus,” Thayer said, noting that transfer students can be “a little invisible.”

CSU has created a number of initiatives to accommodate the transfer students, such as the new Transfer Center, housed in the Institute for Learning and Teaching Building.

CSU will also receive information from the National Student Clearinghouse about what institutions new students transferred from. The new system, called StudentTracker, will also show which schools prospective and former CSU students transferred to –– identifying which students CSU loses to which universities.

“Here’s your competition. We can break that down by college, by diverse students or by high ability students,” said Robin Brown, CSU’s vice president for Enrollment and Access.

_“We’re gonna be really curious to see if the students we admitted in the fall decided to come back,” she said.
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