Feb 102010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

In Wednesday’s student government Senate meeting, Nelly Pierson moved to the unpaid position of assistant director of the Legislative Affairs department, which is led by her boyfriend, Matt Worthington.

She will report directly to Chief of Staff Tim Sellers, which student leaders said will eliminate any conflicts of interest in her working relationship with Worthington.

“We definitely keep a close watch on these things,” Gearhart said, explaining that the original Associated Students of CSU hierarchy would have Pierson reporting directly to Worthington.

“We had to bypass that,” he said.

Her job change was not promotion but rather a horizontal move within the organization.

Pierson, a senior political science major, has been working with ASCSU since August as an associate senator. During her tenure, she has championed campus policy for cyclers and has since gained the nickname “crazy bike lady.”

In addition to her work with Senate, Pierson has worked on ASCSU’s “I AM HIGHER EDUCATION” movement –– Worthington’s brainchild –– by speaking to classes about the higher education’s importance in a time that it faces mammoth cuts. Her new position will allow her to delve deeper into the project.

“It’s all hands on deck,” Worthington said of the manpower needed to save higher education in Colorado’s tight fiscal situation, adding that during crunch times, Pierson has pulled through and was the best candidate for the job.

Pierson also interns with Axiom Strategies lobbyist Carly Dollar at the capitol, where she will be able to speak directly to legislators about both higher education and getting a student vote on the CSU System Board of Governors, another project spearheaded by Worthington’s department.

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