Feb 092010

This weekend, I experienced a couple dissappointments due to our state’s ski resorts! First, my sisters took me to Breck for a 21st birthday celebration. My older sister has a time share at one of the lodges at the bottom of one of the runs, so we thought maybe we would go skiing. None of our passes include Breck, so our thoughts of skiing were quickly squashed when we found out that a one-day adult ticket is now $93. That’s 11 and a half hours of work at my food service job. Ridiculous!

Second, I was watching the news Sunday night at my parent’s house when the newscaster announced that one of Colorado’s ski resorts will soon be charging for their prime parking spots. I thought it would for sure be Vail.  A lot of out-of-towners go there, it’s ritzy, maybe they don’t care as much about keeping it affordable (maybe they do, I don’t know for sure!). When the newscaster announced that it was A-Basin, I got mad. As a lot of you probably know, there is not much parking around A-Basin. The resort will now be charging….sit down if you’re not…$100 for a spot on “the beach” Monday through Thursday and $150 for the same spots on the weekends. Ridiculous again! To me, it’s sad that the crazy increase in prices of skiing will probably soon prevent me from doing a sport I have loved since childhood.

Click here for the Associated Press story on the A-Basin parking. There was no info on the A-Basin Web site about the parking situation. Check back for more on this story.

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