Feb 072010
Authors: Laura James

“Dear John,” starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum, has been hyped as the great new tearjerker for our generation.

However, the film, which is the latest of what will undoubtedly be a long line of Nicholas Sparks novels turned cinema, is sappy and unrealistic. 

One of the many reasons the film is a disappointment is that the trailer for “Dear John” deceives the audience. All the good information that made the story uplifting or romantic was given away with the previews, ultimately making the film depressing and unfulfilling.

The flick begins with the events that transpire in two short weeks when the main characters fall in love, then follows the two as their world is torn apart by September 11th.

Having not read the 2006 novel, such happenings come as a surprise. And usually, the element of surprise makes for a good movie, but this is not the case for “Dear John.” 

Marketing for the film also compares “Dear John” to the another Sparks novel turned movie, 2004’s “The Notebook.” But to compare the two films is a mistake. “The Notebook,” as much as it pains me to say, had many more redeeming qualities than “Dear John.”  

Seyfriend, who stared in both “Mama Mia” and the HBO series “Big Love,” is in general a good actress, but this movie was a monumental waste of her talents. And Tatum, although major eye candy for the ladies, is not a very good actor. But he does have a few decent scenes of emotional impact, for which he deserves credit.

If you’re insanely attracted to Tatum, then maybe go ahead and see it. But if he doesn’t really float your boat and, you like substance and plot, skip it.
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