Feb 042010

My friend Kaeli has just returned from Chile where she was studying abroad and falling in love with backpacking. I ran into her in the LSC the other day and she started to tell me all about it. Chile definitely blew her mind! She said I have to backpack there…so it sounds like that’s on my to-do list now. Even after all of this talk about beautiful Chile, Kaeli mostly wants to stay here and backpack Colorado this summer, which was my plan for the summer too! I’m sure you can picture that moment when you know you’ve found a hiking, climbing, paddling, camping buddy: the conversation starts out slow and then as you realize you have the same goals, your voices rise to excitement and plans are made. Since all but two of my friends and my boyfriend are graduating in May, I thought I was going to be feeling a little deserted this summer as they all moved away and became grown ups. Making backpacking plans with Kaeli was such a relief and now I am anxious to get back out on the trails. I have to be honest here, I haven’t done a ton of exploring in Colorado. I have camped and visited a lot of mountain towns, but I am definitely not familiar with many trails. Do you guys have any awesome backpacking trip recommendations?

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