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Authors: Katelyn McNamara

Next to the real estate and used car magazines, Colorado residents will now find “the premier cannabis lifestyle magazine” … or maybe just a blank spot since stores are having a hard time keeping them on the shelves.

Meet Kush Colorado magazine, a free publication dedicated to the medical marijuana community.

Inside of Kush Colorado readers will find coupons to Colorado-based medical marijuana dispensaries, recipes for edible marijuana treats, listings and advertisements to different facilities and articles related to the marijuana community.

Kush founder and Managing Editor Michael Lerner said he felt there was a market need in Los Angeles to provide information to the community about doctors, dispensaries, events and general information related to the cannabis lifestyle.

And now Colorado, with its flourishing dispensary industry, can find versions of Kush that are solely directed to the cannabis lifestyle in the Rocky Mountain state.

When editor and sales representative Lisa Selan was asked to comment on the community’s response toward Kush Colorado, she said that it was “Beyond our wildest dreams.”

“Reception with patients, dispensary owners, doctors and others interested in medical marijuana has been overwhelming,” Selan said.

Selan said that they hadn’t expected the feedback to be so great, but now seeing the community’s reaction, it reaffirmed their belief that there is indeed a want for a medical marijuana publication.

On its “new social network for cannabis,” DailyBuds.com, users can subscribe to Kush Colorado to be assured that they receive a copy each month, since they “fly from the shelves quickly,” Selan said.

“The subscription will cover mailing costs and is not being done for profit,” Selan said.

Sophomore equine science major Elycia Eberlein said to find an industry that can survive and excel in today’s economy is both noteworthy and impressive.

“It’s difficult to find a booming industry in today’s economy, so who wouldn’t begin a business that sells a product that is in such high demand?” she asked.

Donna Rouner, a CSU journalism professor, said that even though she probably won’t read the publication, she understands that the medical marijuana dispensary trend is pretty big.

“I think it’s great to have people express themselves,” Rouner said. “I have no problem with public discussion on the marijuana industry.”
Kush Colorado magazine is a monthly publication and can be found at local dispensaries, King Soopers stores, 7-Eleven convenience stores and BlockBuster.

Staff writer Katelyn McNamara can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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