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Authors: Ian Mahan

Every so often a band will come along and turn ordinary melodies into catchy hooks and rhythm. Sometimes a band will come along that has the potential to revolutionize the genre that they just so happen to fall into.

Enter Denver-based pop-rock act Regret Night, and the release of their brand new EP, “Living The Night Life.”
The EP is more than just a collection of five songs with clever lines and foot tapping melodies; it is stacked with songwriting that would make Blink 182 turn their heads and notice.

The album begins with “Build Me Up,” a keyboard-led track that showcases lead singer/bassist Nick Sanders’ unique, yet understatedly powerful voice. The track also showcases Dennis Hernandez’s almost classical-style piano.

“Hailey Hey,” the second track on the EP, happens to be one of those songs that little sisters across the world will love, though if there is no little sister to hear it, the song might just get your own foot tapping.

Perhaps the most radio-friendly song on the EP, “Hey Stupid” finds the chorus layered with plenty of choral background vocals and showcases the inventiveness of guitarists Matt Sanders and Tasos Hernandez, who layer traditional power chords with riffs reminiscent of Paramore.

Most bands, of course, aren’t good without a solid drummer. And for the drum heads out there, Nick “DM” Kemberling doesn’t leave them hanging.

Throughout the entire disc, Kemberling shows that versatility is as much a part of playing music as it is being good at it. The tracks have Kemberling switching from solid four-on-the-floor rock beats to disco night club get ups, usually in split seconds.

Regret Night might be “Living the Night Life,” but it might be hard to imagine with a collection of songs as strong as these five, they’d be living anything but the good life.

Music reviewer Ian Mahan can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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