Feb 022010
Authors: Justyna Tomtas

In order to encourage students to come back to the residence halls after their freshman year, Housing and Dining Services is now offering students who currently live in the dorms the opportunity to lock in their rates for the upcoming year.

By locking in rates for students, Tonie Miyamoto, director of communications for HDS, said, the department hopes to increase the number of students who choose to renew their stay.

“We know budgets are really tight, so in order to help students plan ahead for the upcoming year, we locked in rates,” Miyamoto said. “(HDS) has given students choices to make returning back to the dorms a more appealing choice.”

If a student decides to return to the same room, then they would pay the same price. If a student decides to switch the type of room they want to live in, that student would pay this year’s rate for the particular room they wanted for next fall.

Since room selection began Monday at midnight, HDS did not know if there has been an increase in students wanting to return to the residence halls. However, Miyamoto said that within the first couple of weeks of February, HDS should know if the numbers have increased.

“We’ve taken into account that a lot of families are struggling financially. By implementing this, we’re seeing what (HDS) can do with the economy to help you,” Miyamoto said.

Along with these changes, HDS is now offering more flexible meal plans for off-campus students as well as designating the fourth and fifth floors of Aspen Hall for returning students.

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