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Feb 022010

I must take issue with Mr. Anthony’s article, “U.S. shortsighted in neglecting its space program,” because it appears that he didn’t do enough research.

For example, Mr. Anthony stated that the sun was going to turn into a red giant star in fewer than a billion years and therefore this merits the human colonization of other planets. The sun will not turn into a red giant in fewer than a billion years; astrophysicists have determined this through examination and observation.

Because the sun is a medium sized star, it has an expected longevity of about 10 billion years. According to the University of Oregon, if we assume that the sun is currently about 5 billion years old, then it can be determined that the sun will last for about 5 billion years.

Not only this, but Mr. Anthony does not seem to comprehend the sheer distances involved in going anywhere in the galaxy let alone the universe. For example, our closest stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri, is roughly three light years away. Therefore, colonizing planets at this point in human development would be practically impossible.

Mr. Anthony also claimed that the budgets were being cut for asteroid detection and that more should be put into it in order to ensure our planetary safety and security. This idea is nothing less than ridiculous. I think that Mr. Anthony may have watched “Deep Impact” one too many times.

Asteroids often go unnoticed by most of the earth because they don’t emit a source of light, which leaves the asteroids almost undetectable. Along with this ,there is almost no way to deflect an asteroid or comet which could cause an extinction level event due to its large mass and established inertia headed towards the earth. 

Kirk Wilkinson
history major

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