Yays and Nays

Feb 012010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to CSU’s four-star quarterback recruit Pete Thomas. The Arizona State defector sits atop on of the most heralded recruiting classes in school history. We’re supposed to ride his back to the upper echelon of the sport. Wow, no pressure eh?

Nay | to black holes because they just suck. And yes, we are that lame.

Yay | to the recent warm weather. Snow resorts are getting blasted, while the sun shines on Fort Collins. Too bad temperatures are set to drop … well, anytime now.

Nay | to Colorado Springs cutting nearly everything out of the city’s budget. But hey, who needs police officers or rescue workers or trash pick up or street lights or …

Yay | to the next installment of Humans Vs. Zombies. The Nerf guns are loaded, the bandannas are tied tight, and this time IT’S PERSONAL.

Nay | to the NFL Pro Bowl being held last Sunday instead of after the Super Bowl. Nothing beats trying to bolster ratings for a meaningless exhibition that no one cares about. By the way, who won?

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