Feb 012010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

For those of us at the Collegian, and likely for most of you reading this now, recent events have given us a new appreciation for the easy life we live as Fort Collins residents.

Here in the Choice City, we walk our streets without fear, sipping our microbrews and playing football or Frisbee on the green grass of our countless public parks.

While we enjoy the fruits of a stable, healthy society, our neighbors to the south are anticipating months of darkened, garbage-filled streets. They are forced to rely on a public safety system that has become overburdened to the point of being virtually ineffective.

So we at the Collegian plead with you, our readers, to send your help to those in need. Consider packing a lunch or opting out of that twelfth jager-bomb. With little more than an envelope and a postage stamp, your extra money can be on its place where it is desperately needed: Colorado Springs.

That’s right, folks, our tax-phobic, super-Christian friends in the Springs are in trouble. Facing serious budget shortfalls, the city cut funding for a third of its streetlights Monday, along with water and fertilizer for its parks.

Residents will be forced to rely on prayers or handguns for protection, as the city’s police helicopters have been put up for sale and dozens of police and fire positions are being cut.

It’s all too easy to shirk our responsibility to help out our fellow man by using excuses like “it’s their own fault,” or “if they would just raise taxes they wouldn’t be in this mess,” but we implore you to look past these facts and do what you can for those in need.

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