Jan 272010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Student Government President Dan Gearheart’s girlfriend was appointed and confirmed as the body’s director of finance during its weekly Senate meeting last night.

High-ranking officials from the organization confirmed Gearheart was completely removed from the interviewing and hiring process and the Senate showed no concern about Shannon Endres’s ability, regardless of the inner-office relationship.

Endres said when she heard the position was opened, she approached Gearhart to tell him she would be applying and said he immediately had Associated Students of CSU Vice President Tim Hole handle all interviews and the appointment.

“Dan takes the helm on hiring issues normally,” Hole said. “Once Shannon applied, he gave me the entire responsibility.”

The hiring process took only a week, Hole said, because the former director of finance Jake Donovan stepped down last week, and the Senate needed to ratify a new director last night for a student funding board meeting that takes place today.

Donovan said he stepped down from the position to focus on family and school. Endres was one of three applicants for the position.

“She was one of the people I was hoping would get the job,” he said, adding that he worked with Endres during his time with ASCSU and is confident in her ability to take over his position.

Endres has been involved with ASCSU for nearly three years and before being appointed as the director of finance, served as a student government Supreme Court justice.

“Just because I’ve been put in a Cabinet position instead of the (Supreme Court), the way Dan and I interact professionally won’t change,” she said.

The new position will require that Endres monitor the ASCSU budget, chair the student funding board –– which allocates $210,000 to student organizations over the course of the year –– and help newly elected student leaders draw up a budget later in the semester.

During the Senate’s question and answer period, Endres said she plans to improve the relationship between the student funding board and the groups it funds, along with revamping the paperwork filing process.

Four other people were also ratified into ASCSU last night:

  • Environmental Affairs, Jesse Jankoski,
  • Environmental Affairs, Seth Danner,
  • Associate Director of Marketing, Greg Harmon, and
  • Director of Academics: Ryan Morrison.

Senior Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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