Jan 272010
Authors: Aaron Hedge

As Colorado keeps announcing budget shortfalls for fiscal year 2011, CSU’s deans and department heads announced Wednesday that they will be trimming in faculty and development, but most stressed they would try to maintain the same number of classes currently offered.

The faculty cuts are in the form of not filling a number of spots currently filled by instructors and professors retiring or leaving for other institutions.

The development cuts come in the middle of a highly publicized capital campaign, CSU’s first ever, a move Interim Provost Rick Miranda called “frankly opportunistic” in some cases.

Miranda said the university plans on restoring the faculty lines immediately following an improvement in the economy, but made no speculations as to when that might be.

“What I can’t predict is when the economy will come back,” he said.

The biggest cuts were sustained by administration in the offices of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives, Advancement and International Programs, which saw 18.8 percent, 10 percent and 9.6 percent cuts, respectively.

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