Jan 262010

The Nazis are taking over Colorado, one mile-long stretch of highway at a time.

OK, not really. At least not yet. But they’re apparently striving for a cleaner Colorado.

The Denver-based CBS 4 broke the story Monday night that the city’s branch of The National Socialist Movement, also known as America’s Nazi Party, has adopted a stretch of Colorado Highway 85 in Brighton, just north of E-470.

Signs read: “Adopt-A-Highway next mile. National Socialist Movement Denver Unit.”

And people are pissed. At least the people who know that National Socialists aren’t those damned commies and are in fact Nazis.

The group, whose leader Neal Land said he’s “not much for the Jewish religion,” hopes to gain membership because of the sign.

Clearly, this is wrong because people shouldn’t be allowed to join hateful groups like that … wait. Darn Freedom of Assembly.

Well, how about this: These hate mongers have no right to speak their minds in public … shoot. Freedom of Speech.

Look, we’re not advocating for the philosophy these neo-Nazis preach. In fact, if these idiots fell off the face of the planet, we’d all be better off.

But the reality is that they have a legitimate right to speak their mind, just like any other advocacy group, no matter how dumb they sound.

The First Amendment is still the First Amendment no matter who’s enacting it.

And to boot, they’re cleaning up Colorado’s roads. So they’re not completely useless human beings.

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