Jan 252010
Authors: Josh Phillips

Any employer will tell you that a fundamental aspect of maintaining efficient operations relies on the ability to objectively determine the performance of his or her employees.

Usually, performance reviews occur once every six months to a year, usually resulting in the promotion of competent employees and the termination of less productive employees.

As such, I offer my review of President Barack Obama, who happens to be an employee of mine. You may recall that the executive position of “President of the United States” has been established to service the needs of the people, rather than serving the needs of the person who holds the office. He is not royalty and our president is not to be doted on.

I have carefully examined Barack’s performance in the past year and done my best to withhold judgment until now, since many suggested that he was inheriting a stack of problems that would take time to overcome. Most will agree with me that a years’ worth of work should have produced some satisfactory results.

Barack seems to have difficulty understanding the U.S. Constitution and the limits of his own position. The Constitution, which lays out duties of the government, places strict limits on his ability to impose his will on the people. But he has continually breached protocol by attempting to implement programs that are reserved for individual states.

In his defense, the majority of his co-workers are guilty of the same over-ambitious behavior, a problem that has continually been ignored. Regardless, we expect his understanding of the Constitution to surpass that of a fifth-grader’s.

Barack is quick to make decisions and does not wait for input. Although I admire his determination to solve problems, I am disappointed that he has not lived up to his guarantee of allowing public comment before signing bills or reforming inefficient earmarks.

However, it should be noted that he may have made the correct decision in sending more troops to Afghanistan. While he expressed a desire to bring the troops home, it is arguable that a larger military presence in the Middle East may lead to a more secure America.

In sending more troops, despite receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, he revealed that he would not be moved by international opinion. Such resolution makes for a stronger, sovereign America that cannot be controlled by foreign influence.
His selection of Sonia Sotomayor, a woman who believes that superiority can be defined by race, as Supreme Court Justice is unnerving.

Barack is a dismal failure in financial matters. His $787 billion stimulus package was signed before any discussion was allowed and led to an overall higher unemployment rate. In fact, he has opted to stop reporting the number of jobs created by the stimulus, no doubt due to its inability to reach the promised 3.5 million.

After realizing his failure, Barack notoriously claimed that his predecessor was to blame — a redirecting action I find enormously immature.
Barack unabashedly declares his socialist health care program will save money, but has been unable to convince the majority of Americans.

He has displayed a lack of responsiveness in national security measures. While the nation was terrorized over Christmas by a suspected al-Qaeda airline bomber, Barack was reportedly wrapping up a Hawaiian vacation. Golf, basketball, snorkeling and Honolulu dining took precedence over responding to the attack.

Barack has continually associated with failing, anti-American controversial figures and organizations, including, but not limited to: Terrorist William Ayers, racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, prostitution-promoting ACORN, corrupt former governor Rod Blagojevich, Marxist Van Jones and ultra-liberal Martha Coakley.

Peons in Pennsylvania may cling to guns and religion, but Obama clings to arrogance and delusions of grandeur.

There is not a doubt in my mind that if this were any other position, Barack’s performance would be found unsatisfactory and his employer would be searching for a replacement immediately.

Undoubtedly, I come across as nitpicky and overly focused on the negative. What I have deemed failures, some will call successes, but I believe I hold Barack Obama accountable to the premises of the U.S. Constitution.
Josh Phillips is a senior business administration major. His column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com._

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