Show us the money

Jan 252010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Payday was good for the Mountain West Conference Monday.

According to the Associated Press, the conference, which encompasses CSU and eight other schools, earned a large bit of quiche from NCAA football bowl games
to the tune of $9.8 million.


The Western Athletic Conference, another non-Bowl Championship Series qualifying conference headed by Boise State, earned a cool $7.8 million. Ka-ching again.
Totaled together with three other non-BCS conferences, these leagues racked in a record breaking $24 million.

Good news? A step toward legitimacy, right? Wrong. reports that the Big Ten and Southeastern conferences received $22.2 million each, while the other four tallied $17.7 million apiece.

Well, that makes us small fish look a little more puny.

Despite a MWC that went four and a very, very close one in bowl play this season and a Boise State team that, other than Alabama, was the only team in the Football Championship Series that went undefeated, big time conferences still prevail.

No matter what stance you take on the issue of athletic parody in college football, a playoff system or the traditional bowl position or whatever, these automatic qualifiers are in collusion with the NCAA.

Let us illustrate this a little easier: big schools get automatically selected to prominent bowl games, making them lots of money.

And do they want to share any piece of the pie? Not a chance. Which is why Congress is calling for reform in the NCAA.

But until these wrongs are righted in college football, these conferences will not see a dime of the payout they rightfully deserve.

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