Jan 242010
Authors: Justyna Tomtas

Students from CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences –– consistently ranked as among the best in the nation ¬¬¬–– gathered Saturday to present the fruits of months of research at the department’s 11th annual research day.

This year the event received 91 abstracts from students varying in all different aspects of the college. Research presentations varied from characterization of canine brain tumor stem cells to cigarette smoke exposure increasing susceptibility to tuberculosis.

“Research day is a day that we present information about a whole variety of research projects going on in the college,” said Terry Nett, associate dean for research at CVMBS.

The event is intended not only to educate members of the college, but also allows community members to participate in the discussion.

“(Research Day) can quite often stimulate collaborations that wouldn’t otherwise occur. Two research labs can come together and be more productive that way,” Nett said.

Daniel L. Gustafson, winner of the Pfizer Research Award, started the day off by presenting his award-winning research “Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Dog Populations.” After that, oral presentations and poster session judging began.

“It’s nice to have different views and it’s also nice to see what people are doing in the different departments (throughout the college),” said Drew Rholl, a graduate student in the college and part of the research day committee.

James Graham, a professor of the department of biomedical sciences, agreed, adding that another benefit of the research day is that students are able to present their data in a less aggressive environment. This gives the students practice for national and international presentations that might later occur.

Students whose presentations were awarded $50 or $100 prizes, for second and first place in four categories:

– Basic Science oral presentation, – Basic Science poster presentation, – Clinical science oral presentation, and – Clinical science poster presentation.

The winners of research day included Ayshea Quintana, Davis Seelig, Dezaray Varland, Britta Wood, David Wilson, Lyndsey Linke, Megan Shoemaker and Scott Hafeman.

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