Jan 202010
Authors: Joe E. Goings

CSU’s $33.6 million improvements to the Student Recreation Center are set for completion by August, a university official said Wednesday.
Though construction will not officially finish until August, new features of the center will be made available throughout the year.
“We will open in phases,” said Campus Recreration Director Dave Frock. “However, the final opening is in August.”
Sections of the building are still open to student use but in a smaller capacity. The basketball courts now house the cardio and weight equipment. The track has been stripped and is no longer in use but is to be expanded.
“We’re trying to keep as many operations open as we can so we can renovate in phases,” said Gene Leach, project manager for the center. “We made sure some activities are still available.”
The remodeled locker rooms opened Monday. The new main entrance, including a new lobby, offices, climbing wall, massage rooms and a smoothie bar is scheduled to open after Spring Break, Executive Director of Campus Recreation Judy Muenchow said.
The renovations, which have been underway since June 2009, are among 17 capital construction projects campuswide totaling almost $400 million.
Though the structure was renovated in 1998, a growing student population has caused overcrowding, center officials said.
“Our participation reached a plateau and then started to drop because our building was completely maxed out,” Muenchow said. “Everything was full.”
Campus Recreation had considered the improvements since 2001, when the center surveyed students’ opinions about the facility.
Students consistently complained about overcrowding on the basketball courts, the weights and cardio area and expressed a desire for a climbing wall, Muenchow said.
The weight and cardio area and track will be expanded. Rooms for cycling and aerobics and fitness studios, along with offices and meeting rooms for employees will also be added.
“We designed and planned the building to accommodate approximately 30,000 students,” Muenchow said.
The university’s decision to invest in additions to the center and other buildings even in a time of systemwide budget cuts is the result of recession-era construction prices, which were cheaper than anticipated by as much as “10 to 15 percent,” said Facilities Management Director Brian Chase.
With the extra funds, the Rec. Center added an extra 8,000 square feet of floor space in total including an indoor practice area with expanded basketball courts.
New sand volleyball pits will be added outside, in addition to a 12-foot, man-made boulder on the outside of the building, which will be available for climbing.
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*Construction on Student Recreation Center
*Scheduled completion: entire remodel set for August
Cost: $33.6 million
Square feet added in expansion: more than 60,000
New features:
Juice bar,
An extra 8,000 square feet that includes an indoor practice facility with expanded basketball courts,
Climbing wall and bouldering area, and
Expanded weight and cardio area.

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