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Authors: K.C. Fleming

After falling to ninth place in last year’s intercollegiate RecycleMania competition, recycling 453,840 pounds of waste, CSU is looking for improvement.

For the last four years, the university has placed in the top 10 for RecycleMania, which is a 10-week contest between about 500 colleges across the country to see who can recycle the most.
This year’s race started last Sunday as CSU kicked its recycling into high gear.

In 2008, CSU placed second in the overall competition. However, last year CSU was beat out by first-place California State University, which won with an 82.28 percent recycling rate.

According to the RecycleMania Web site, the goal is to promote waste reduction across the country. Last year, all participating campuses recycled 69.4 million pounds of trash. On campus, the goal is much the same.

“We are definitely promoting it as just ‘go green’ so that students can feel like they are contributing,” said Alysse Brice, a student intern for Housing and Dining Services and junior natural resources recreation and tourism major. “We are using friendly competition to just make it fun and to motivate students.”

In conjunction with RecycleMania, The Live Green Team is launching the Green Warrior campaign, is an energy conservation initiative on campus. Green Warrior measures energy consumption in CSU’s residence halls as part of RecycleMania.

Starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday, in an attempt to raise awareness RecycleMania’s kick off, Housing and Dining Services will be hosting a “trash audit.”

Employees of the Integrated Solid Waste program, CSU’s waste removal service, will spill trash from dumpsters around campus onto the south side of the Plaza where it meets University Avenue. The Live Green Team and volunteers will separate the recyclable materials from the other waste.

Tonie Miyamoto, director of communication for Housing and Dining Services, said that typically what this trash audit shows is that about 40 percent of what is thrown out is recyclable.

“If students really want to get involved, they can just jump in and help sort,” Miyamoto said. She added that the actual purpose is to educate students as to what can be recycled by showing them examples of such items.

In addition to the national RecycleMania competition, The Live Green Team will host an on-campus competition between the residence halls. The results are based on a per-person rating so that larger halls do not have an unfair advantage. The hall that wins gets the traveling RecycleMania trophy.

Students around campus say that they are glad that CSU participates in RecycleMania.

“I think that it’s kinda discouraging the way we dropped down to ninth, but it’s good that we are doing it,” said Myleah Fury, an undeclared sophomore.

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