Jan 182010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

If you’re new to CSU, transferring to an out-of-state school is an option you might want to consider.
While today may mark the beginning of a new semester for students, it also marks the continuation of a fiscal crisis staring down students, legislators and citizens alike that has been in the making for decades.

In case anyone’s been living under a rock for the last year, the United States has been wallowing through a recession –– the likes of which it hasn’t witnessed since the Great Depression.

Colorado alone now faces a $2 billion budget shortfall and is running out of fingers to plug its proverbial leaking dyke. Cuts must be made, and, as one of the few areas lawmakers can easily cut funding, the state’s higher education budget keeps finding itself on the chopping block.

So far this recession, lawmakers have been able to backfill the state’s higher education cuts with federal stimulus funds, but policymakers and university officials agree that the state is maniacally driving its higher education programs toward a financial cliff, and if nothing changes, by 2011, funding will run out.

That Colorado’s higher education budget is in crisis is plain. The way it got here is much more complicated and much more important.

Starting today, the Collegian is publishing a three-part series outlining how Colorado’s higher education crisis was created, examining how much the funding crisis will affect higher education, and exploring some solutions officials are considering for the future.

Educating yourself on Colorado’s education crisis is the first step in saving your higher education system. In order to avoid repeating mistakes and work toward viable budget solutions, the state’s students need to put effort into understanding Colorado’s strange legislative past, convoluted current issues and tricky future solutions.
But, then again, transferring might just be easier.

*Editors Note: Projects Editor Aaron Hedge did not participate in votes regarding higher education Our Views.

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