Jan 172010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

At this point, it seems best to pretend the Nobel Committee’s decision to award President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was just a fairly successful attempt at ironic humor.

Just more than a week after announcing his decision to ramp up war efforts in Afghanistan by about 40,000 troops, Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.

And, oh boy, is the Nobel Committee starting to look like a panel of fools.

Obama’s acceptance speech centered on the idea that evil exists in the world, and it must be fought. He went so far at one point to say of the U.S. Marine surge, “Some will kill, and some will be killed.”

Few people would disagree that evil exists, and few would argue that its perpetrators shouldn’t be hunted down and killed at this point, but the war effort has stalled in a true quagmire.

Given the situation and the advice he received, Obama increasing troop levels to stimulate the war effort and forge onward was probably the most sensible decision.

But, in the company of true, non-violent Nobel Peace Laureates including Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, Obama is a midget among giants and a fraud. He’s done nothing to earn the Peace Prize, and his decision to boost the war effort did a lot to prove he won’t ever deserve it.

History will judge whether the war in Afghanistan will bring a lasting peace. If it does, the president who started the war — yes, George W. Bush — deserves it more. If it doesn’t, the Nobel Committee might as well have given its prize to Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968.

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