Jan 172010
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Dear Students,

Our Rams’ basketball victory over CU was a sweet one, bringing out the best in our team and a great show of enthusiasm and spirit from our fans. The noise, the energy and the cheers from the stands are important to the team’s success and a sign of our real support for their hard work. (The “Just Like Football” chant was a particular favorite for many of us in the crowd.)

But all this enthusiastic support needs to be balanced with a sense of sportsmanship and respect, and unfortunately, some of the fan behavior at the otherwise outstanding game last Thursday crossed that line. We all owe it to the students who are working so hard on the court to behave in ways that both reflect well on the university and don’t jeopardize their chances at success.

The players uphold the rules of play and live up to a set of clear expectations for behavior. We in the stands have a similar responsibility to keep it clean, respect fair play, avoid interfering with the game itself (i.e. throwing things on the court is absolutely not OK) and honor the students competing well on both teams.

That being said, loud is good. Energetic is good. And packing the stands to show your support is very, very good. This is an exciting season for CSU after several years of rebuilding, and let’s all enjoy it together in ways that will make us all proud to be CSU Rams.

Dan Gearhart

President, ASCSU

Andy Ogide

On behalf of the CSU Men’s Basketball Team

Dr. Tony Frank


Paul Kowalczyk

Director of Athletics

Dr. Blanche Hughes

VP for Student Affairs

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