Jan 162010
Authors: Ian Mahan

Album title: “Shock Value II”

Release date: Dec. 7

Sounds like: Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams

Apparently nobody can escape the Miley Cyrus curse. Not even R&B’s hottest producer.

With the 2006 major hit album “Shock Value” under his belt, Timbaland returns to the music scene with his uber-pop star ridden follow-up “Shock Value II.”

However, the title is just about as creative as Timbaland gets on the whole album. The 18-song album is littered with tracks that are for the most part deafening.

Seeing as Timbaland, in the words of Weezer, “knows the way to the top of the charts,” not all of the songs are dispensable.

The first song on the album, “Carry Out,” has Timbaland coupled with his favorite pop star Justin Timberlake once again. The song is a clever analogy for a woman, who is portrayed as a restaurant. However, like most of Timbaland tracks, the featured artist makes the song.

“Say Something,” featuring Drake, is another song on the album that illustrates the producer’s pure genius when it comes to dropping beats. It is a combination of a Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder song with just a bit of nightclub attitude thrown in.

The last song on the album worth exploring, “Undertow,” featuring The Fray and Esthero, finds Timbaland dropping the auto tune on his voice, relying strictly on flow and pure poetry from the piano-driven rock vocalist Isaac Slade.

The entire content of the album makes it clear that Timbaland knows how to create beats that are entirely different from the previous track, but the real shocker on “Shock Value II” is his selection of artists.

The collaboration between the legendary producer and Miley Cyrus is enough to overshadow any genius that is present in his collaborations with other worthy artists.

Maybe Timabaland will consider using the Backstreet Boys on “Shock Value III.”

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