Jan 162010
Authors: Jess Lenderts

I am appalled at the decision made by the CSU System Board of Governors on Friday to ban concealed weapons at CSU. Such a policy appears ignorant of the fact that there has never been a campus shooting at a school that allows concealed weapons and that there is a rigorous application and screening processes that permit holders must undergo.

Several other students have already written excellent articles supporting concealed carry, so I will not repeat them, suffice it to say that this ban will not make our campus a safer place, but instead, strip the rights of a few responsible, well-trained individuals who are capable of protecting themselves and the rest of us in the event of an emergency.

I am especially disturbed by the willingness this shows on the part of the BOG to enact policies that are politically and not evidence-based and to blatantly disregard student input. Regardless of where you stand on gun rights issues, these things alone should be cause for concern and criticism.

Jess Lenderts sophomore anthropology major

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