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Authors: Madeline Novey, Michael Kalush

The holidays, for all intents and purposes, are characterized by stress: Stress over whether you’ll have enough money to buy presents for everyone on your list of 30 people, stress over having your 12 relatives staying in your house for far too many days and the stress of waiting in the security check at the airport behind the old man who forgot to unload his more than 4 ounce bottle of Fixodent denture glue and is now fighting with the guard to bring it on board.

However, there is one thing that, we believe, serves to neutralize all of the above, and it happens to be our area of interest: food.

With the holiday season upon us now, here are a few suggestions for gifts for your college foodie.

The gift of beer

Fort Collins is known for its nationally acclaimed micro brews. Why not give a gift you can share with the recipient? The “Folly Pack” from New Belgium Brewing — this includes their classics like Fat Tire, Abbey, 1554 and their seasonal 2 Below. The Folly Pack will include different beers based on the season. You can find a Folly Pack at most liquor stores in Fort Collins priced at around $20.

The gift of kitchen utensils

Most college kitchens are severely lacking even the most essential of kitchen utensils. At a recent dinner party Madeline attended, the gentleman hosts’ wanted to peel and cut carrots for a salad but did not have a sharp knife or vegetable peeler. Here is a list of the tools any chef should not find themselves without:

-a vegetable peeler, -a paring knife, -a cutting board, -a spatula, -a sauce pan, -oven mitts, -simple spices including garlic and onion powders, cinnamon, black pepper, salt, a pre-made spice blend for meats and a nice hot sauce to cover those dishes you mess up, -a baking pan, and -a 9×12 casserole dish.

To save money, we recommend that you go to Marshall’s, Big Lots, T.J. Maxx, Ross or local thrift stores.

The gift of gift cards

Because college kids often spend their extra money, irresponsibly, on too much booze and then, at the end of the month, realize that after rent, they have no money left for food, grocery store gift cards make an excellent gift. And because most grocery store chains now have their own gas stations, your student could apply the gift card to fill up. It’s always worth it to check and see if your favorite local spot gives out certificates. A certificate to a fun restaurant always makes a great personal gift.

The gift of gastronomy

Another great personal, yet economical gift is that of food. What’s better during the holidays than some delicious cookies or maybe a homemade pumpkin pie? You can concoct some fun culinary creations and share them with all of your friends, and for a very reasonable price.

Wrap your delectable treats in colored cellophane and tie them off with a seasonal ribbon for a nice touch.

Do everyone a favor though, and don’t let the baked goods sit for too long before gifting. Most people like being able to bite through the cookie instead of breaking a few teeth in the process.

If you come up with a fun holiday recipe, hopefully you will share it with us by e-mailing it to verve@collegian.com. Include your name and major or residency and a phone number for verification. Photos are encouraged as well!

Staff photographer Michael Kalush and News Managing Editor Madeline Novey can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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