Jan 152010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

While we’re frustrated by all of the recent but obviously necessary budget cuts across campus, it is apparent that research, conducted by students and professors alike, has still flourished.

In the 2008-2009 academic year, all of the university colleges combined received a total of 2,021 research awards. In the same year, CSU spent almost $312 million in research expenditures, setting a new university record despite the economic downturn.

And in recent years, CSU has become one of the most successful universities nationwide in terms of research dollars: In 2007, CSU ranked 16th nationally for research and development expenditures for major universities that do not have a medical school.

But what does this mean to you, the student who has never read any of the said research, let alone received awards or funding?

More research dollars mean greater visibility for the university.

Increased funding attracts award-winning researchers who then take jobs as CSU professors to teach America’s potential, future researchers and professors what they know.

And successful research programs often result in the development of outside ventures including MicroRx, a division of CSU Ventures Inc., that partners with industry, government agencies and non-profit organizations, among others, to provide solutions to global health needs.

Essentially, as funding then visibility to the university increase, all of the colleges benefit. On a whole, each degree is more valuable as CSU’s name increases in value.

So, having printed several stories in this issue about students and professors contributing millions to CSU’s research fund, it’s important to recognize the people who, through their work, ultimately help us all.

Kudos to you, researchers. Your work is the future.

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