Jan 152010
Authors: Andrew Ives

Last Wednesday, I witnessed the students of CSU standing up and expressing their opinion. I have worked for the Associated Students of CSU for a year and a half with the Community Affairs Department and in Senate, and last Wednesday I witnessed something I have never seen before.

The Senate chamber’s “No Vacancy” sign was lit up. The room was packed with students out in full force to protect their rights. I must admit that I was naive and ignorant. I was convinced that not enough student outreach was utilized.

I constantly advocated for a student voice survey and for senators to reach out to a majority of their constituents. I walked in to the Senate Chambers believing that a majority of students support a weapons policy.

As the debate went on, I was amazingly surprised. Students lined up one by one to express that they felt safe with the current weapons policy, and that it was a major reason for why they decided to attend CSU.

The legislation that was in front of me was the most extensive piece of work that I have ever seen in front of ASCSU.

With 56 “Whereas” clauses that explained why a concealed weapons law prevents violence, and with the stack of e-mails from students and alumni supporting the current policy, my ignorance became very transparent.

I realized that the student voice was loud and not, as I thought, ignored.

I would like to applaud all those who came out to voice your opinion. It is a very rare thing to see students fighting for what they believe.

It reminds me why I came to CSU. I hope that more students stand up for what they believe in and realize the power that we hold.

Andrew Ives sophomore undeclared

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