Jan 152010
Authors: Allison LeCain

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and it doesn’t help that there is a lot pressure put on gift choices. Luckily, due to many people’s experiences, there are some obvious, and some not-so-obvious, bad gift ideas. Here is a list of the eight worst gifts ever to help ease the stress of shopping.

1. Fitness equipment
With all of the turkey dinner and holiday cookies, people tend to put on some weight during this time of year. The last thing a friend or relative wants is for someone to remind them of this weight. Giving a person some sort of exercise equipment is never a good idea, unless specifically asked for by the person.

2. Hand-me-downs
Never re-gift or give something used unless you severely dislike the person you’re gifting it to. These types of gifts are rarely appreciated unless there is some kind of sentimental value to them.

3. Man-sweaters
To all the women out shopping for their men, no matter how good you think that sweater might look on him, he will not appreciate it as a gift. Guys don’t like clothes. That’s all there is to it. They would be more likely to appreciate something like a video game, Although, when buying your man a video game, do take into account that this game will preoccupy his time, which means he will be spending less time with you.

4. Female
For men, although your woman may put on some sexy lingerie to please you, most women do not appreciate receiving it as a gift. When giving lingerie, questions come up in a woman’s mind, like “Why does he want me to wear this?” and “Is he trying to tell me that he wants me to be sexier?”
Also, unless a man knows exactly what a woman’s preferred lingerie style is, they could end up getting something she really dislikes or thinks is inappropriate. When this happens, you’ll probably be in for more arguing than actually making use of the present.

5. Labor required
Gifts that require work could be ideally thoughtful in the long run, but unappreciated when received. Examples of these include vacuums, lawn mowers and razors. Again, these are OK if the person asked to receive such a gift, but that is the only exception.

6. Homemade works of art
Unless you are an extremely talented artist, homemade gifts that might be falling apart inside their wrappings are generally not appreciated by many. While it is the thought that counts, sometimes gifts like these can seem less than thoughtful.

7. Sale items
When picking out gifts for friends and family, never just buy a bunch of things on sale and decide later who to give what to. Presents are supposed to be personal. Someone who is a huge fan of jazz music won’t enjoy a hip-hop CD just because it was on sale. Make sure you plan out what you’re giving to whom before starting your shopping.

8. Non-refundable
If you’re not sure about a gift, make sure that the person is able to exchange it if they hate it. It would be really unfortunate to spend $50 on a unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted wooden elephant at a locally owned store and ship it to someone who lives on the East Coast who can never exchange it because they don’t have the store in their town.

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