Jan 042010

We are officially on the beach! For the last couple of days, we have been hanging out in Montezuma, on the Nicoya Penninsula of Cost Rica. Think a concentrated version of Boulder. That’s Montezuma. Lots and lots of dreadlock hippies walking around selling their art and offering you weed. Just like Boulder right? Anyways, today we headed up to a set of three waterfalls nearby to do some swimming. There were people jumping off, but it looked pretty sketchy so I stayed on the lower rocks. These waterfalls were really beautiful. The pools at the bottom of them were clear, crisp and refreshing. And the hike up to the second and third falls was super fun. We had to climp up big tree roots and use them to pull ourselves up the steep gulley where the trail climbed. I guess this is where jungle gyms came from! The falls were a nice change from the beach, where we were somehow burning, even though we stayed in the shade. Next up, a butterfly garden. Thinking of the butterfly pavilion, this idea caught my fancy. However, the butterflies were huge and kind of freaked me out! There were so many that would flutter all around my face and land on me and I didn’t like it as much as I did as a kid. When they weren’t diving into my face though, I was able to look at them and see how beautiful they are. As long as they weren’t on me, I was happy!

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