Dec 172009
Authors: Compiled by Heidi Reitmeier

To the kid I saw ride his skateboard into the grass then shortly after realize it was not a mountain board: Smooth.

It’s embarrassing when you’re sitting across from a cute boy and you sneakily try to take a picture of him, and the flash is on.

Contrary to popular belief, CSU is not a democracy, it is a Franktatorship.

To the guy trying to capture squirrels in a cardboard box: Don’t you have anything better to do?

To the guy ranting about religion holding a toddler in his arms: Thank you for ensuring that future generations of CSU students will have crazies to dodge on the Plaza.

New idea: Heineken mini keg backpack = Large Heineken Camelback?

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Dec 172009

To the guy on the bus with the pot leaf as the background on his iPhone: Solid first impression. Keep up the good work.

Espn play of the year: Spin move around the Greenpeace guy to stiff arming the abortion guy in the face then kneeing the religious nut in the nuts and finishing safely in the library for a score.

I love watching freshman having to go Fred Flintstone-style to stop their bikes.
To the guy who threw a snowball at a squirrel and then tried to pet it: Don’t give up. It might bite your finger off if we are lucky.

Walking through someone’s cloud of smoke in the plaza is comparable to swimming through a warm spot in the pool.

Today I considered becoming a stripper so that I could have more money to spend on clothes. Ironic?

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