Dec 172009

Gov. Bill Ritter hates fat people.

OK, not really. In fact, that’s a total lie – unless you’re a Libertarian. In that case, Ritter is moving toward social engineering.

Let us explain. The Democratic governor of our great state is proposing lifting sales tax exemptions for candy and soft drinks. The tax would amount to about 3 cents on the dollar.

Such exemption lifting, according to Ritter’s statement in Sunday’s Denver Post, would generate $17.9 million for Colorado, helping to alleviate deeper cuts to schools and colleges.

Sounds like a swell plan, right? Not according to some Libertarians.

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, a Golden-based Libertarian think tank, told the Denver Post, “I think the governor needs to sit down and watch ‘Willy Wonka’ a couple of times and stop being such a buzz kill.”

And yes, President Barack Obama backs the idea of taxing soda because he says kids are drinking too much of it. And yes, groups like LiveWell Colorado are lauding the governor’s efforts because of its lasting health affects.

But honestly, that’s not the point. Removing tax exemption status would raise money for the state, especially higher education – money for a budget that’s quickly shrinking each year.

However, we suggest taking it one step further: Make marijuana legal, and therefore taxable.

Think about it: Thousands of stoners wondering around the state, buying up all that taxable candy and soda to satiate munchie cravings.

And thus the circle of life is complete – and we can tax the hell out of it.

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