Dec 172009

Student government voted Wednesday to pass a resolution that calls for the preservation of concealed carry on CSU’s campus, in response to an effort from the Faculty Council to abolish concealed carry.

We applaud ASCSU for taking this bold step of rejecting the Faculty Council’s flawed arguments opposing concealed carry. The Council is worried that in cases where a person with a concealed weapon attempts to stop a shooter, he or she may accidentally injure bystanders.

This is possible, but the alternative, as a student said Wednesday during the ASCSU debate is, “that the shooter runs out of ammunition.” The chance of accidents is a far smaller hazard than allowing violent criminals to have access to defenseless students in our classrooms.

Consider that many of CSU’s classrooms have only two doors. Block those doors, and a gunman can mow down every person in the classroom — if there isn’t a person with concealed carry in the room to stop the shooter.

To date, there have been no incidents of university shootings on campuses that allow concealed carry. The tragedies ,such as Virginia Tech, all occurred in “gun-free zones.” A criminal willing to shoot students isn’t going to care that he’s doing so in a “gun-free zone.”

We are heartened that CSU President Tony Frank has said that he will seriously consider the opinion of students on concealed carry. He should take ASCSU’s vote to heart and keep concealed carry on campus.

While som of us on the editorial board are personally uncomfortable around guns, we realize that the unpleasant truth is that in a world where criminals have guns, law-abiding citizens have to have the right to defend themselves.

Violent criminals aren’t going through the long, rigorous and costly process of getting concealed carry, they’ll just start shooting. Why give these criminals a monopoly of firearms by stripping guns from responsible citizens?

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