Dec 172009

I took part in two remarkable events this week: Humans vs. Zombies and the Associated Students of CSU meeting Wednesday night. Bizarrely enough, there was a common thread.

No, I am not referring to the mindless corpses attempting to steal your brain as you wander the grounds of CSU – the faculty was not present at the ASCSU meeting.

I refer to students’ ability to protect themselves and others. You see, the faculty board and the president’s cabinet do not think concealed carry permit holders should carry on campus. The board does not trust you as a student nor those authorized by the state to carry.

The “public safety team” evaluated the risk of legally concealed firearms on campus as a liability. The team apparently believes concealed carry leads to gun violence. By this logic, women’s reproductive organs make them prostitutes by default, and all men are rapists at heart if not in reality.

The issue at hand Wednesday night was ASCSU’s response to the “public safety team” recommendation to strip the rights of concealed carry permit holders from carrying a concealed weapon on campus.

Re-read that sentence. You as a reader, an undergraduate or graduate student, need to understand the details of the argument.

The faculty board members and the cabinet members who advocate this type of maneuver refuse to accept the reality that gun-free zone means nothing to a gun-wielding psychopath intent on ending as many lives as possible before ending their own.

The same people who claim the presence of firearms are a threat are the people who claimed secure storage of firearms laws would prevent negligent discharges from killing children. We found out those responsible for negligent discharges from their weapons were the same people who would not follow secure storage requirements. Oops.

Even those of you philosophically opposed to the use of firearms for any reason should set aside your ideological instincts and accept reality. We know, without a doubt, how far an armed attacker will go without armed resistance.

We already know from sociological studies of disasters that neighbors, family members and friends are more likely to rescue you than a government agency. The situation here mirrors those findings.

I e-mailed professor and Chair of the Faculty Council Richard Eykholt after reading some disturbing comments attributed to him by The Denver Post on Wednesday.

I received no response from the professor, sadly. But it was no less than I expected. His comments, according to the Post, follow with my response.

“If you have a classroom situation where somebody starts shooting and other people are shooting back, there is a real opportunity there for more bystanders to be injured,” Eykholt said.

The professor would rather have an active shooter run out of bullets, than have a permitted student return fire and injure a so-called “bystander?” Does anyone actually swallow this drivel?

Tell me Gilligan, how many people are going to be standing by during an active shooter situation? These theoretical “bystanders” are probable victims of the active shooter.

Furthermore, in several incidents around the country, licensed individuals stopped active shooters without the licensee firing a single shot. Not police, not security but an armed citizen and potential victim.

“I don’t think they’d (perpetrators of school shootings) be deterred by threats of anyone having a gun,” Ekyholt said.

I do not care if it might deter them. I care if someone has the means to stop them. The point of carrying a concealed weapon is not to deter but to respond.

The board alleges students carrying concealed firearms disrupt the atmosphere the faculty strive to create and prevents professors from challenging their students’ beliefs.

If that is truly a concern, professor, I recommend you find a more reasoned method of debate.

President Tony Frank, I urge you with every fiber of my admittedly inferior beard, do not take away this distinct right that makes CSU significantly better than the institution located in the People’s Republic of Berkeley-lite. I’m proud to be a CSU Ram. I don’t want to live where the Buffalo roam unprotected. I want to live where Rams will protect the herd even if it means attacking a crazed wolf.

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