Dec 162009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

GOP candidate Josh Penry dropped out of Colorado’s governor’s race today, endorsing fellow Republican Scott McInnis and signaling a dark day for the state’s political future.

During his term, Gov. Bill Ritter led the state into its current dismal circumstances, in addition to failing to fulfill his promises to higher education and unions, among others. His poll numbers reflect that reality.

With the state financial situation in shambles, the people of Colorado are looking for new leadership to forge a better future for taxpayers. Penry may have represented that.

At the age of 33, Penry represents a new generation of Republican leadership — a type of true fiscal conservative open to new ideas and moving past old failed ones. On the whole, Penry avoided the “moral majority” issues that have become the talking points for TV and talk radio talking heads for decades, and while his decision may be good for the GOP in the short term, it hurts the Republican party in the long term as well as Colorado as a whole.

Colorado voters needed a chance to see a face-off between the Republican old guard and a new generation. Voters deserved a chance to help decide the future of the party for better and for worse.

In a state facing as many financial difficulties as Colorado, a diverse group of Republican candidates would have allowed the state to pick someone best equipped to solve the state’s troubles.

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