Dec 162009
Authors: Rachel Childs

Friday marked KCSU’s 24-hour DJ-athon, when four DJs completed the challenge of staying up for an entire day, in part, to bring in nearly $1,000 for the station.

Donations were made possible through KCSU’s Web site and underwriting revenues. The station raised $991.36 to expand local music coverage and upgrade technology for better sound quality.

Station manager Nick Sebesta said the event was well received and brought in many new and old listeners.

DJs Nick, Smashmouth, Stickly and Wray hosted the event. They stayed awake for all 24 hours without breaks. A full schedule kept them busy, which included a dance party and live band performances by local groups Common Anomaly and Speakeasy Tiger.

“It was a true testament to them as great DJs and great people,” Sebesta said.

The event was the first of its kind at KCSU, but similar events may come in the future. KCSU is a non-profit organization that is part of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, which is the parent company for student-run television station CTV, magazine College Avenue and the Collegian.

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