Dec 072009
Authors: Rachel Childs

The zombies have infected more than 123 members of the human race.

At 7:45 Monday morning I took it upon myself to go to the Campus Recreation Center and work out. Unfortunately, zombies also enjoy staying healthy.

Soon, a male student walked in and smirked at me. It was not at my beautiful sweat covered face, but at my bandana. I assumed he was a fellow human participant or just thought I looked ridiculous.

Once the doors closed, someone grabbed me by the arms. Shocked, I stared at the attacker. Only then was it obvious that the student who has looked at me was really a zombie.

Much to my dismay, I was forced to hand over my identification code and succumb to the virus.

Humans have formed cohesive groups in order to stave off the thread. Members of the Resistance are very dedicated to the cause. They are not afraid to take out the hungry Horde at point blank range. In the ear. It hurts.

Paranoia is palpable on the Plaza now. Classmates on opposing teams look at each other with suspicion, waiting for the chance to strike. Humans display their Nerf guns on the table in the dining halls as a warning to all zombies.

Nevertheless, there is also a sense of community among players. Fellow zombies nod and wave, knowing that we are all in this together. Humans protect one another from enemies, even offering their lives over the others.

Four more days remain. Will the zombies be forced to die once again, or will they feast upon human flesh for eternity? Only time will tell.

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