Dec 072009
Authors: Keith Robertson

In typical Rams fashion, the CSU hockey team captured an early lead, squandered it and lost one of the most important emotional games of the season.


Those dirty CU hippies get to brag. Those wielding ugly gold and black T-shirts while they drive their BMW’s into overpriced car washes will get to wave and shout, “It must suck to be a Ram.”

But who cares? CSU beat them in football and there are four more chances for the Rams to top the Buffs on the ice (three in the regular season and once more in the Western Classic). There are an ample amount of tries to do better than the 0-4, 2008 record the Buffs had against CSU.

The first chance at redemption came a day after 3,000 fans were peppered throughout the Pepsi Center as CSU traveled to Boulder on Friday and experienced similar results to the first time the two teams played: a 4-2 loss and four game losing skid.

But don’t get your heads down, Rammies.

Four straight losses are nothing compared to the seven in-a-row football has let slip through their underachieving fingers. And really, the hockey team got hosed.

Derek O’Donnell was ejected from the game for fighting. For fighting! In Hockey! Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that’s what went down in hockey for the past … eight decades?

It’s not like O’Donnell grabbed the guy by his ponytail and ripped his face to the ice. No, he and the coward from CU who fell to the ice and began crying about his facemask were both at fault, but CSU gets penalized. After that, CU spent less than a quarter of the time in the penalty box as the Rams.

Full disclosure: I’m a Ram fan and I hate CU. Moving on.

It’s not fair, but the Rams still couldn’t score after the first period and the right team won the game. I’m just saying CSU got hosed and the referees should feel embarrassed every time they grab their walking sticks and skate onto the ice pretending to know what to do.

I hope those refs make it to the NHL and get thwapped by a slimy, stinking octopus. That would make up for the Bush League job they did in calling that game.

Now, there were positives after this weekend’s losses. Adam Foote showed up at the Pepsi Center and he left after the first, so he probably thinks the Rams won. Also, some dreams were fulfilled. Those guys played on the same ice that has raised two Stanley Cups – what could be better?

Winning? OK fine. But still, that experience was cool. Also, CSU proved a very important thing in the future of it’s hockey program.

Commitment from fans should help this two-year big ice tradition keep going. CSU has fans comparable to Division-I, and Ram nation clearly outnumbered those who made the shorter ride over from Boulder.

And that’s where this team is heading. Their next game should be nice break from stout competition as the Rams take on the UNC Bears. After, it’s DU and then three straight games against D-I programs in a perfect opportunity to get back on the right Zamboni track.

Yes, they’ve lost, and to our biggest rival. And I’m sure most of you have cashed in all but your volleyball chips on this year’s CSU teams. But keep the faith.

We need to support, not ignore. Cheer instead of boo. Wear green and gold in place of Hollister and Hurley.

And most of all keep hating the Buffaloes. No matter how much we lose or how embarrassed and upset we get about significant losses, missed opportunities and drunks screaming our song, we have the notion that we are better people.

And always will be.

As long as it’s acceptable for trust-fund babies to have dreadlocks, students to smoke Cheech and Chong quantities of pot instead of paying attention and female fans to dress more appropriately for streetwalking than an athletic event, CSU will be superior regardless of record.

I hope you agree and will join me in my effort to hurt CU through telekinetic hatred for the rest of my life — all you have to do is concentrate (unlike those refs).

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