Dec 052009
All I want from life right now!

All I want from life right now!

Last April, I decided I wanted to go somewhere tropical this winter break. Anywhere. Anywhere with a beach and an endless supply of cheap mojitos and adventure! My boyfriend and I decided we would go where the cheapest tickets took us. And so, we are now starting to prepare for our Costa Rican adventure. We leave in three weeks and thought we might want to know where to go when we stepped off the plane. So we ordered a book…and it came Monday! This week we finally got to start planning our trip and looking at all the amazing things we can do in Costa Rica. We are looking at staying in the Northwest, visiting Arenal Volcano National Park, maybe going to see some sea turtles, visiting the cloud forest, zip lining and, of course, spending lots and lots of time on the beach. Anything else that you guys recommend in Costa Rica? This is my first trip out of the country (other than glorious Canada…) and I am counting down the days (23) until we are basking in the Central American sun and exploring the rainforest.

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  1. My one large lesson learned from my visit to Costa Rica is that, driving takes a lot longer than you think it will. Arenal to the Pacific Coast is about a 4 to 6 hour drive if I remember right. Also pay attention to traffic laws, we had to pay off two cops while we were there, and the third let us go fortunately. Arenal is beautiful and most definitely my favorite place. Be sure to go to the waterfall while you are there! Zip-lining is also the sickest experience ever!

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